Nissan Shakes Up EV Plans, Delays Sedans for Crossovers

is revising its electric vehicle (EV) strategy, delaying two planned EV sedans and prioritizing crossover production at its Canton, Mississippi plant. The automaker reportedly aims to adapt to changing market conditions and ensure the right products are launched at the optimal time.

Delayed Sedans, Accelerated Crossovers

Nissan has instructed suppliers to halt development activities related to the two EV sedans, originally slated for 2025 and 2026 launches. This marks the second delay, with production now pushed back to November 2026 for the Nissan-branded sedan and April 2027 for the Infiniti version. Instead, Nissan plans to accelerate the production of two or three EV crossovers, initially scheduled for 2028.

Canton Plant Restructuring

The Canton plant, capable of producing 410,000 units annually, currently builds the Altima, Frontier, and Titan. However, with the Titan pickup ending production this summer, the facility is projected to assemble only 210,000 units in the current financial year. Nissan's $500 million investment to transform the plant into its U.S. EV production hub has also been postponed due to the product timeline changes.

Adapting to Market Conditions

Nissan's decision to prioritize crossovers over sedans reflects the slower-than-expected growth in EV sales. While EV sales continue to increase, the growth rate has slowed significantly compared to the previous year. A Nissan spokesperson stated, “We are adjusting the timeline for the introduction of these five new models to ensure we bring the vehicles to the market at the right time.”

Supplier Skepticism

Some suppliers are skeptical about Nissan's revised plans, with one suggesting that it may take six to eight months before the automaker presents a new strategy. The uncertainty surrounding the upcoming U.S. presidential election may also influence Nissan's long-term planning decisions.

EVXL's Take

Nissan's decision to prioritize EV crossovers over sedans demonstrates the automaker's adaptability in the face of changing market conditions. By focusing on the more popular crossover segment, Nissan can better position itself to capitalize on the growing demand for electric vehicles. This strategic shift also highlights the importance of flexibility in the rapidly evolving EV landscape, as automakers must be prepared to adjust their plans to meet consumer preferences and market trends. While the delays may be disappointing for some, Nissan's commitment to bringing the right products to market at the optimal time bodes well for the company's long-term success in the EV space.

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