Tesla'S Charging Network Becomes Gold Standard

Electric Cars: The Unexpected Grid Saviors

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not just a greener alternative to gas-guzzlers; they could also be the key to stabilizing the electrical grid. Automakers like Ford, GM, BMW, and Renault are exploring ways to use EV batteries for energy storage, potentially…

Tesla Expert Sanjay Lal Joins Volkswagen’s Ev Software Drive, Volkswagen Races Ahead In Ev Charger Installation

VW and Renault End Talks on Affordable EV Development

Volkswagen (VW) and Renault have called off discussions about jointly developing an affordable electric version of the Twingo, reports Reuters. This decision is a significant setback for European carmakers striving to compete with cheaper Chinese electric vehicles (EVs).
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China’s Raw Material Dominance Alarms Renault Chairman

A storm originating from China is on the horizon for Europe’s blossoming electric vehicle (EV) sector, Renault’s Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard shared with Reuters this past Saturday. According to Senard, China’s control over essential raw materials used in EV batteries puts…

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