Jeep'S Electrifying Success In Europe: Avenger Ev Surges With Over 40,000 Reservations

Automakers Deepen China Ties Despite Trade War

US and EU Throw Up Roadblocks, but Automakers Grow Closer to China The US and Europe are erecting barriers to keep Chinese cars out of their markets, but at the corporate level, automakers are growing ever closer to China. President…

Xpeng Targets Tesla With G6'S Smart Driving Tech

Xpeng Targets Tesla with G6’s Smart Driving Tech

China’s electric vehicle manufacturer, Xpeng, is expecting a strong comeback in the second half of this year, following a slump in sales, as its latest model gets ready to challenge Tesla in both pricing and smart-driving tech. The company is…

Xpeng Ignites Share Surge With Affordable Ev

Xpeng Ignites Share Surge with Affordable EV

In the bustling arena of electric vehicles (EVs), a shockwave was felt on Friday when shares of Xpeng, the Chinese EV manufacturer, skyrocketed more than 11%. The dramatic leap came after the company priced its latest innovation, the G6 sport…