Ev Tensions Rise: Eu Launches Subsidy Probe, China Reacts Strongly

EU’s EV Tariff Hike on China Sparks Trade War Fears

The European Union’s decision to impose additional tariffs of up to 38.1% on electric vehicles imported from China has drawn criticism from Beijing and raised concerns about a potential trade war. The move follows an investigation into China’s state support…

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Rimac’s Electric Powerhouse Breaks Nürburgring Record

The famed Nürburgring track, where auto giants like Tesla and Porsche have battled for record times, just witnessed an electrifying performance by Rimac’s Nevera. This electric hypercar from Rimac clocked an astounding lap time of 7m 05.298s, overtaking Tesla’s Model…

Tesla Marches Ahead With German Mega-Factory Plan - Graffiti Art Decorates Exterior Giga Berlin

Tesla Marches Ahead with German Mega-Factory Plan

Tesla is gearing up to conduct a citizen information session in the German state of Brandenburg, addressing its ambitious expansion plans for the local electric vehicle (EV) and battery plant. The move comes as Tesla aims to ward off potential…

Honda And Gm’s Abrupt Halt: A Shakeup In The Electric Vehicle Market - Gm General Motors Faces Challenges In Electric Vehicle Production - Us Races To Second Place In Global Ev Market

US Races to Second Place in Global EV Market

In a remarkable turn of events, the US has claimed the second spot in the global electric vehicle (EV) market, trailing only behind China. Counterpoint reports that the first quarter of 2023 saw American EV sales leap a staggering 79…

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