Renault’s New Electric Reveal: The Scenic E-Tech of 2024

Big news from ! The renowned car manufacturer is gearing up to introduce their latest innovation: the Renault Scenic E-Tech electric. This eagerly-awaited reveal is slated for the IAA Munich motor show in Germany on Monday. Previously known for leading the charge with midi-MPVs, Renault is now steering the Scenic in a fresh direction.

Instead of being just another people carrier, this new Scenic incarnation leans more towards a family crossover style. Excitement mounts as we await the release of the full set of official photos. But for now, we've been teased with just a hint – a dimly lit image showcasing the unique front design and distinct lighting of the 2024 Scenic E-Tech. A closer look reveals even more details about the grille.

What's the buzz about this latest model? According to Renault's accompanying statement, the Scenic E-Tech electric is not just another car. It will be “the first production car to embody the brand's new sustainable development strategy: on environment, safety and inclusion.” This new design seemingly takes cues from the Renault Scenic Vision concept, suggesting a more compact and crossover-centric look.

A standout feature? The 2024 Scenic will be built on the CMF-EV platform. This indicates it'll inherit many electric attributes from its kin, the Megane E-Tech and Ariya, thanks to the Renault-Nissan partnership. Potential buyers can expect varied battery options, choices between front- or all-wheel drive, and maybe even a powerful 400bhp in sportier models.

The countdown has begun. All eyes are on Monday's grand reveal, as Renault promises to pull the curtain back on its next big thing.

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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