Tesla Model Y Breaks New Ground with Off-Road Wheels

Introducing an exciting development for Tesla enthusiasts: the Model Y can now delve into the world of hardcore off-roading, thanks to beadlock-capable wheels by Unplugged Performance. While these wheels might not magically transform your into the rugged likes of a Jeep Wrangler, they promise enhanced performance under challenging terrains.

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So, what's the buzz about beadlock wheels? These are not your average tires. They allow the tire's bead to be affixed outside the rim. This is then firmly secured with an outer ring, bolted atop the tire bead. This design aims to permit lower air pressure than conventional wheels, ensuring superior grip during intense off-roading adventures.

To provide some perspective, most standard tires have their beads pressure-fitted into the rim. This setup suffices for the majority of scenarios. Yet, in extreme conditions, especially with reduced tire pressure, these may slip off the wheel. Beadlock tires, traditionally found on high-grade off-road vehicles and military transports, counter this issue.

One of the defining attributes of Unplugged Performance's wheels is their adaptability. For those eyeing rigorous off-road ventures, the option is available to mount the tires externally to the rim, securing them with the provided titanium bolts of the beadlock ring. Conversely, for those not inclined to utilize the beadlock feature, standard mounting remains an option, with the beadlock ring stowable for future use. Notably, with the beadlock in action, tire pressures can dip impressively to a mere five psi.

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These UP-03 wheels, retailing at $1,123.75 each ($4,495 for a set), are exclusively available in 18-inch sizes. They are compatible with 's signature pattern and can seamlessly integrate with its standard lug nuts, center caps, and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Crafted from forged aluminum, buyers can choose between a satin black or satin titanium finish.

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Conclusively, while the beadlock capability is a leap forward, it might primarily serve Tesla Model Ys that have undergone substantial upgrades. Extreme low-traction terrains demanding such wheels are usually traversed by well-equipped off-road vehicles. Nevertheless, if you're a Tesla aficionado eager to tread off-beaten paths with your Model Y, the UP-03 wheels are a worthy consideration.

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