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Tesla Model Y: California'S Coolest Creation

Tesla Model Y: California’s Coolest Creation

California is home to countless innovations, but this year, the Tesla Model Y has been named the cream of the crop. The California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA) hailed this electric beauty as the “Coolest Thing Made in California”. And…

Tesla Model Y: Tampa'S New Taxi Trend

Tesla Model Y: Tampa’s New Taxi Trend

Picture this: zooming around downtown Tampa in a sleek, bright yellow Tesla Model Y taxi, and all it costs is a mere $2 per person. Sounds like a scene from a futuristic movie, right? But for the residents of Tampa,…

Tesla Model Y Breaks New Ground With Off Road Wheels

Tesla Model Y Breaks New Ground with Off-Road Wheels

Introducing an exciting development for Tesla enthusiasts: the Model Y can now delve into the world of hardcore off-roading, thanks to beadlock-capable wheels by Unplugged Performance. While these wheels might not magically transform your Model Y into the rugged likes…