Tesla’s Ambitious Cybertruck Production Aims to Triple Austin Workforce

Tesla Inc., the formidable electric vehicle giant, is on a hiring spree. With 20,000 employees currently on its Austin payroll, plans are afoot to triple this count. The motivation? Amp up the long-awaited Cybertruck's production.

Within a short span, has emerged as one of Austin's dominant employers. A recent disclosure reveals its workforce has surged from roughly 3,500 in 2021, the production commencement year, to a staggering 20,000 today.


This data, presented by the plant's director of manufacturing, Jason Shawhan, at the 2023 State of Manufacturing Conference and Expo, cements Tesla's commitment to the region. A dive into San Antonio Express News reveals the company's rapid ascension in the employment ranks.

Tesla's meteoric rise places it just behind San Antonio's H-E-B, Austin's largest private employer boasting 22,955 members. By comparison, tech stalwart Dell Technologies reported a workforce of 13,000 in the metro area last year.

Glimpses of the New Cybertruck: What's Brewing at Gigafactory Texas?
Tesla at a supercharger at the Tesla , September 2023.

While Tesla's SUV has been in production, the focal point now is the Cybertruck, a stainless-steel marvel that has seen its share of delays. A glance at Tesla's website showcases around 845 job openings, the majority based in Austin. These positions range from manufacturing to legal, to more novel roles such as an athletic trainer.


A deeper commitment to Texas was made clear in 2021 when Tesla shifted its base from . By 2022's end, an investment of $5.81 billion was funneled into the expansive Austin facility. With continued development, 2023 has witnessed Tesla earmarking $775 million for five construction ventures in Austin, including a pivotal cathode production facility, essential for its EV batteries.

Anticipation around the Cybertruck's production is palpable. As shared, production equipment is already in place, gearing for a summer kick-off. By 2024, the manufacturing push for the Cybertruck is expected to intensify.

Tesla's Ambitious Cybertruck Production Aims to Triple Austin Workforce
Tesla's Ambitious Cybertruck Production Aims to Triple Austin Workforce

This employment surge stands in contrast to tech behemoths like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon announcing layoffs in the Austin precinct. Yet, it aligns perfectly with Musk's expanding Texas footprint, with other ventures like SpaceX also beefing up their workforce.

For now, all eyes are on the Cybertruck. As production begins, one thing is clear: Tesla is not just driving innovation on the roads, but also in Austin's employment landscape.

Cybertruck Launch Team" apparel
A photo emerged on the Cybertruck Owners Club, showcasing new “Cybertruck Launch Team” apparel being distributed to Tesla employees

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