Tesla Cybertruck Prototype: Is the Bed Design a Letdown?

When it comes to electric pickup trucks, the Tesla Cybertruck has certainly created a buzz. It's been hailed as a potential game-changer in the world of utility vehicles, with promises of workhorse capabilities and cutting-edge design. But a recent peek at a prototype's bed has left some enthusiasts feeling a tad disappointed.

The bed of a pickup truck is arguably one of its most critical aspects. It's where all the heavy lifting happens, and it needs to be both practical and spacious. However, photos of a pre-production Cybertruck have raised questions about whether it lives up to the concept's bold claims.

One observant Facebook user, Paul Yeh, managed to snap some revealing shots of the Cybertruck's bed. What's immediately noticeable is that the bed's sidewalls appear more slanted than expected, potentially compromising cargo space. While it's important to remember that this is a prototype, the departure from the concept's design is still a point of concern.

Another notable difference is the bed liner, which seems to take a more conventional approach compared to the concept's smooth surface. Although a smooth surface may look sleek, it can be prone to scratches. Many may actually prefer the practicality of a more traditional bed liner. On the bright side, the bed does feature handy light strips on the sidewalls, providing illumination for those late-night camping adventures.

But the disappointment doesn't stop at the bed. The so-called “frunk” (front trunk) also appears lackluster. A recent spy video from 's factory showed a relatively small frunk, limiting front storage space. This pales in comparison to the frunk space offered by rivals like the R1T and .

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype: Is the Bed Design a Letdown?
Tesla Cybertruck Frunk is small compared to the F150 Lightning from Ford or the electric truck from Rivian.

However, there's a silver lining to this story. Tesla insider Greggertruck shared drone photos of the “Series 8” Cybertrucks with notably better build quality than their predecessors. These new units feature a flush frunk, no unsightly “skid marks” on the tonneau cover, robust recovery hooks, and improved plastic quality.

While these prototypes have caused some concern, it's essential to remember that they don't necessarily reflect the final product. The actual customer cars may come with improvements and refinements. Tesla's Cybertruck production is expected to kick off sometime in 2024.

Tesla Cybertruck Prototype: Is the Bed Design a Letdown?
Credit: Tesla

Additionally, the Cybertruck will boast an adaptive air suspension, making loading and unloading items more manageable by lowering the vehicle. Keep an eye out for the rear-wheel steering feature, too, which was captured in action by an attentive X user, providing a glimpse of the Cybertruck's agility.

In the world of electric pickup trucks, the Cybertruck remains a highly anticipated player. Its true potential will only be revealed when it hits the roads, demonstrating whether it can truly live up to its groundbreaking promises.

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