Volvo Launches World’s First EV Battery Passport Ahead of EU Regulations

In a groundbreaking move, Cars is set to introduce the world's first electric vehicle (EV) battery passport for its flagship EX90 SUV, which is about to enter production. The Swedish automaker, owned by 's Geely, developed the passport in collaboration with UK startup Circulor, utilizing blockchain technology to map supply chains, reports Reuters.

Pioneering Transparency in the EV Industry

The battery passport will record the origins of raw materials, components, recycled content, and carbon footprint for the EX90 SUV. Volvo's head of global sustainability, Vanessa Butani, emphasized the importance of being a pioneer and leader in the industry by introducing the passport nearly three years before the European Union's mandatory regulations come into effect in February 2027.

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Accessing the Battery Passport

Volvo owners will be able to access a simplified version of the passport using a QR code located on the inside of the driver's door. The EX90 SUV with the battery passport is set to start production soon at Volvo's plant in Charleston, , with deliveries to customers in and North America expected from the second half of the year.

Tracking Battery Health and Carbon Footprint

The passport will include up-to-date information on the EV battery's state of health for 15 years, which is crucial for assessing the value of used EVs. Circulor's system traces battery materials from the mine to individual cars, tracking materials throughout the supply chain and monitoring suppliers' monthly energy bills to calculate the total carbon footprint.

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Adapting Manufacturing Processes

Implementing the battery passport has required Volvo to changes in how it traces parts through its manufacturing process to understand the origins of every component in each vehicle. Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO of Circulor, noted that this level of detail has never been a focus in car manufacturing before.

EVXL's Take

Volvo's introduction of the world's first EV battery passport is a significant step towards increased transparency and sustainability in the automotive industry. By providing detailed information on the origins, recycled content, and carbon footprint of EV batteries, Volvo is setting a new standard for responsible manufacturing and empowering consumers to make more informed decisions when purchasing electric vehicles. This move not only positions Volvo as a leader in the EV market but also paves the way for other automakers to follow suit, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future for transportation.

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