Tesla’s 2024.20 Update: Adaptive Headlights & Beach Buggy Leaderboards

's latest , version 2024.20, is rolling out now with some exciting new features and improvements. The update brings major upgrades to the adaptive headlights for Teslas equipped with matrix LED headlights, as well as a fun addition to the in-car gaming experience.

Adaptive Headlights Get Smarter

For Tesla owners in Europe and other markets where matrix LED headlights are available, the 2024.20 update significantly enhances the Adaptive Headlights feature:

  • Headlights now adapt to curves in the road ahead, improving visibility and safety when cornering
  • On highways, the headlights will illuminate farther down the road
  • The matrix LED system can selectively dim certain LEDs to avoid blinding oncoming drivers while still providing maximum visibility

Meanwhile, Teslas in the US, , , Puerto Rico, and Korea are getting a more basic adaptive headlight upgrade where the headlights will adapt for curves in the road ahead.

Beach Buggy Racing Gets Competitive

Another new feature in the 2024.20 update is the addition of Supercharger location-specific leaderboards in the Beach Buggy Racing game. Now you can compete for the fastest lap time against other Tesla owners while charging up at your local Supercharger. This adds a fun, competitive element to charging stops more engaging.

Tesla Beach Buggy

Beat the Heat with Tesla's Hot Weather Improvements

Tesla's 2024.20 update also brings some welcome improvements for dealing with hot weather. For all and vehicles, as well as the new and , the air conditioning system now works smarter when set to Auto. It can cool down the cabin faster and more efficiently, while also better regulating the temperature of the high-voltage battery. This not only keeps you more comfortable on hot days but also enhances Supercharging performance by keeping the battery at an optimal temperature. Tesla has also hinted that the will feature an even quieter air conditioning system, making for a more peaceful cabin environment. With these upgrades, Tesla owners can enjoy a cooler, more refreshing driving experience all summer long.

Which Teslas Have Matrix LED Headlights?

So which Tesla models come equipped with these advanced matrix LED headlights? Here's the breakdown:

  • All new Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles built since mid-2022 come standard with matrix LED headlights
  • Many Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built in 2021 or later also have matrix LED headlights (look for the large, round projector lenses)
  • Older Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X that already have the matrix LED hardware are now receiving software updates (like 2024.8 in Europe) to enable the adaptive high beam capabilities

EVXL's Take

Tesla's latest software update showcases the automaker's commitment to continuously improving the ownership experience, even for cars that have been on the road for a while. By unlocking the full potential of the matrix LED headlights through over-the-air updates, Tesla is making night driving safer and more comfortable without owners needing to buy a brand new car.

The Beach Buggy Racing leaderboards are a small but clever addition, gamifying the charging experience and fostering a sense of community among Tesla owners. As more charging locations pop up, we could see this feature evolve into larger competitions or even in-person meetups.

Overall, update 2024.20 is another example of how Tesla leverages software to keep their electric vehicles feeling fresh and exciting long after the initial purchase. It's a key advantage that sets Tesla apart in the EV market.

Photos courtesy of Tesla.

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