New Cybertruck Accessories: What You Need to Know

Tesla has just released a new set of accessories for its much-hyped Cybertruck. The new additions include a spare tire and tool kit, mud flaps, underseat storage bin, and D-rings. These accessories come with varied price tags and cater to different needs of owners. Here's a breakdown of the new offerings.

Summary of New Accessories

's new Cybertruck accessories include:

  • Spare tire and tool kit: $1,250
  • Mud flaps: $100
  • Underseat storage bin: $250
  • D-Rings: $40

The underseat storage bin, however, remains out of stock despite being an older accessory.

Detailed Look at the Accessories

Spare Tire and Tool Kit

One of the most significant additions is the spare tire and tool kit, priced at $1,250. This kit is essential for anyone planning to take their Cybertruck on long journeys or off-road adventures. Having a spare tire can save a lot of trouble in case of a flat tire, and the included tools ensure that you can handle the replacement on your own.

Mud Flaps

Mud flaps are available for $100. These flaps are designed to protect the Cybertruck's body from dirt and debris kicked up by the tires. The set includes front and rear flaps, which might give the vehicle a slightly odd appearance, but they are practical for protecting the vehicle's finish.

Underseat Storage Bin

The underseat storage bin, which costs $250, is not a new accessory but remains a popular one. Unfortunately, it is still out of stock. This bin provides a convenient storage solution, helping to keep the vehicle organized by utilizing space that would otherwise go unused.


Lastly, D-rings are available for $40. These are small but useful accessories that can be attached to various points of the Cybertruck to secure cargo. They provide an easy way to tie down loads, ensuring that everything stays in place during transit.

EVXL's Take

The introduction of these new accessories shows Tesla's ongoing commitment to enhancing the functionality and versatility of the Cybertruck. While some items, like the underseat storage bin, remain hard to come by, the availability of spare tires, mud flaps, and D-rings offers practical solutions for Cybertruck owners. These additions the Cybertruck even more appealing to those looking for a robust and adaptable electric vehicle.

Tesla continues to innovate in the electric vehicle market, and these accessories are a testament to their dedication to meeting customer needs. Whether you're an adventurer needing a spare tire or just someone looking to keep your Cybertruck tidy with an underseat storage bin, Tesla has you covered.

For more details on these accessories, you can check the Tesla Cybertruck accessories page.

Featured image courtesy of Tesla.

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