Tesla Model Y Braves Freezing Weather with Flying Colors

A Chilling Test for Electric Vehicles

In a recent real-world scenario, the resilience of electric vehicles in extreme weather conditions was put to the test. The owner of a Tesla Model Y Performance shared their experience of driving to the airport and leaving the car in freezing conditions for 36 hours.

This story sheds light on the performance of electric cars in harsh weather, a topic that has been a point of concern for potential EV owners.

Battling the Elements

The journey began on a snowy, frigid Tuesday morning with temperatures plummeting to -18°. Before setting off, the owner wisely pre-warmed the car in the garage for five minutes, ensuring a comfortable trip. Upon arrival at the airport, the Tesla Model Y’s battery was at a healthy 54%, down from a full charge at the start of the journey.

The Real Test: A Frozen Wait and Surprising Battery Endurance

After a 36-hour period in the brutal cold, the owner returned to find the Tesla had only dropped to 50% battery. This minimal decrease demonstrates the car’s remarkable efficiency and insulation even when not in use.

Preheating the car through the airport’s walk provided further comfort on the return journey home, which was completed with 19% battery remaining.

Charging Back to Full Power

Upon returning, the owner plugged in the Tesla Model Y, readying it for the next day’s use. The ease of the entire experience highlights the practicality and reliability of electric vehicles, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Tesla Model Y Performance Passes Winter Test

This seemingly mundane tale of a Tesla Model Y’s encounter with freezing weather is, in fact, a testament to the advancements in electric vehicle technology.

Despite fears of battery drainage in cold weather, this story proves that modern EVs can hold their charge surprisingly well.

And on a lighter note, the owner was at least able to open the doors of the Model Y, which are known to sometimes freeze solid in cold weather – a small victory in the face of winter’s challenges.

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Photo courtesy of Spotted Model.

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