Polestar 5 Drives High with SK On Battery Tech

Polestar, the Swedish electric performance car brand, has forged a strategic partnership with South Korea's SK On, a notable player in the battery sector, to power its forthcoming 5 electric vehicle (EV). This move signals a significant step for Polestar as it gears up for the launch of its anticipated 4-door grand tourer EV.

Under the agreement, SK On is set to provide Polestar with cutting-edge battery cell technology, characterized by high-performing chemistry, rapid charging capabilities, efficient energy discharge, and a notably superior driving range.

The collaboration reportedly hinges on the high-nickel battery cell modules that include ultra-long 56 cm cells, boasting a high energy density, which is expected to underpin the performance benchmarks set for the Polestar 5.

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar, commented on the partnership's progression, emphasizing that the relationship with SK On has yielded tangible benefits following their initial memorandum of understanding (MOU) and SK On's investment in Polestar.

The Polestar 5 is swiftly moving through its development stages and is set to feature this high-capacity battery, aligning with the performance expectations for the grand tourer model.

Jee Dong-seob, the CEO of SK On, reciprocated the sentiment, expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration on Polestar's premier EV model. The agreement is seen not just as a business transaction but as a stepping stone to cementing the partnership and exploring new ventures together.

The Polestar 5, slated for production commencement in 2025, is the evolution of the Polestar Precept concept car. The vehicle's development journey is being showcased through a YouTube documentary series titled “From Concept to Car,” giving viewers an in-depth look at the transition from a concept to a tangible, cutting-edge EV.

YouTube video

The deal is a testimony to Polestar's commitment to innovation and performance, as it combines its automotive design and manufacturing prowess with SK On's expertise in high-quality battery solutions.

This strategic alignment is set to bolster Polestar's position in the competitive electric vehicle market, potentially setting new standards for EV performance and reliability.

By integrating SK On's superior into the Polestar 5, the company aims to deliver an electric vehicle that not only pushes the boundaries of design but also sets a new benchmark for driving range and efficiency.

The agreement is indicative of the growing trend of collaborations between automotive manufacturers and tech firms, as the race to dominate the burgeoning EV market intensifies.

Polestar 5 Drives High with SK On Battery Tech

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