Tesla’s Factory Wraps: A Worthy Investment or Costly Expense?

The buzz around Tesla's new car wraps has been undeniable. While some enthusiasts are raving about the sleek, fresh look, others are questioning their cost. “Overpriced,” some say. But as noted expert Sawyer Merritt points out on Twitter, there's much more to these wraps than meets the eye.

More Than Just a Wrap

Contrary to the initial assumption that Tesla's offering is just another vinyl color wrap, Merritt reveals, “This isn't really a traditional vinyl color wrap; it looks to be a urethane-based colored paint protection film (PPF).”

What's the big deal about PPF? Well, this material uniquely marries the allure of colored vinyl with the robust protection features of PPF. Notably, PPF is thicker and possesses a self-healing attribute, meaning minor scratches can mend themselves over time.

A noteworthy aspect Merritt highlights is that, for these wraps, “Tesla also states that for all Color Wraps, the installation will include the door jambs.”

For the uninitiated, this means that the wrap's color seamlessly extends when the doors are opened. Such an intricate detail “often requires taking the door off/apart,” making it a labor-intensive venture.

Quality Worth Every Penny

While the price tag of Tesla's wraps may initially seem steep, a closer look provides clarity. The cost encompasses not just the material but also the installation of a self-healing paint-film.

This is no ordinary wrap; it can be waxed, polished, and even ceramic coated, much like traditional car paint. Furthermore, PPF delivers superior car protection, and its installation involves a meticulous process using water and soap.

“Color PPF is more rare and this PPF that Tesla is offering seems like a very high quality product,” Merritt adds.

To put things in perspective, Merritt shares personal experience: “When I got quotes for a clear satin PPF for a (entire car) a while ago the average prices were about $7k-$8k including installation, and that was without any color.”

The Takeaway

Tesla isn't just throwing in a fancy wrap for the sake of aesthetics. The wraps' longevity and durability them a sound investment, potentially lasting a decade. A

s Merritt aptly concludes, “In my opinion this is Tesla practicing and getting the hang of things before they eventually offer PPF/wraps for the .”

For those on the fence, it seems Tesla's wraps might just be a worthy addition to their prized vehicles.

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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