Tesla’s Cybertruck Flexes Muscle at SpaceX’s Starbase

The world has keenly watched the trials and tests of 's new marvel, the Cybertruck, as it roams roads from the US to Mexico. But its most recent feat at 's SpaceX Starbase has turned quite a few heads. The synergy between Musk's companies – Tesla and SpaceX – showcased a fresh dimension of the 's capabilities.

Upon the Cybertruck's arrival at Starbase in Boca Chica, – the hub of the ambitious Starship program – its presence quickly sparked curiosity. Rocket enthusiasts and casual onlookers, like self-proclaimed “rocket nerd” Sean Doherty, were soon in for a surprise. Instead of just another photo-op, the robust electric vehicle was spotted in action, towing a significant piece of SpaceX's machinery.

Starship Gazer's video captured the pivotal moment where the Cybertruck confidently hauled the Raptor 2 rocket engine, a piece weighing around 1,600kg (3,500lbs). Demonstrating its prowess, the driver expertly reversed the massive engine into a Starbase warehouse. “When the Cybertruck was first unveiled, it was said to have a 14,000lb+ towing capacity,” reminding us of its commendable strength. While the Raptor 2, as pointed out by Everyday Astronaut, is lighter than its predecessor, it's still on par with many recreational trailers.

Though the Cybertruck's task that day wasn't its most challenging, the combination of Tesla's most awaited vehicle at a SpaceX facility wasn't merely a collaboration; it reportedly was a spectacle. For many, this brief interaction was a testament to the Cybertruck's real-world applications and its integration into Musk's larger vision.

The world now waits with bated breath for the official launch of the Cybertruck, further amplifying its status as one of the most anticipated vehicles in recent times.

Photos courtesy of Sean Doherty and Jessica Kirsh.

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Haye Kesteloo
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