Cybertruck’s New Feature: A Glimpse into Tesla’s Starlink Connection

As the electric vehicle landscape accelerates, Tesla’s Cybertruck takes a notable stride forward, offering more than just groundbreaking design and performance. Recent sightings reveal an intriguing addition to this futuristic vehicle—a possible link to SpaceX’s Starlink Mobility.

A Dash of Color and a Dose of Connectivity

The Tesla Cybertruck has recently been turning heads with its colorful wraps. Shared photographs depict a couple of these vehicles wrapped in eye-catching graffiti, reminiscent of the vehicle’s graffiti logo from its late 2019 unveiling. But there’s more than just vibrant colors catching the eye. Among these photos, one particular image shared on X by @Jonasbrowniee displayed the green-graffiti adorned Cybertruck sporting what seemed like a Starlink Mobility dish on its roof.

For those following Tesla’s moves, the playful wraps, ranging from faux Ford F-150 designs to bright green Toyota Tundra camouflages, aren’t new. However, this incorporation of the apparent Starlink Mobility dish suggests the possibility of enhanced connectivity for the all-electric pickup. The attachment indicates that the satellite internet system might seamlessly integrate with the Cybertruck, aligning with the dish’s design which is intended for permanent vehicle installation.

Beyond Connectivity: The Starlink Advantage

Such an integration augments the Cybertruck’s promise for adventurous users. With Starlink on board, owners could traverse remote terrains without losing internet connectivity. As advertised, the Flat High Performance dish is a perfect fit for industries ranging from trucking and buses to emergency response—providing uninterrupted, high-speed internet regardless of location.

SpaceX’s official page confirms the prowess of the Starlink Mobility service, boasting global internet speeds that can reach up to 220 Mbps. Designed to endure challenging conditions, Starlink’s Flat High Performance dish is not just resilient but also holds a prioritized position in the Starlink network. “Even in times of congestion, the internet connection for the service will remain reliable and quick,” SpaceX guarantees.

Considering the $2,500 price tag for the dish and a $250 monthly connectivity fee, Tesla’s potential integration of Starlink into the Cybertruck promises to enhance the vehicle’s allure, proving that the future of automobiles is not just electric, but also supremely connected.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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