Cybertruck’s Crash Secrets Caught on Drone Camera

A series of intriguing drone images surfaced, shedding light on the aftermath of Cybertruck’s rigorous crash testing procedures. These drone photos were taken by Joe Tegtmeyer at the Giga Texas crash test facility, on October 4, 2023.

The aerial images provide a sneak peak into the safety measures and resilience of Tesla’s vehicles, with both a previously crash-tested Model Y and the latest Cybertruck captured side-by-side.

These vehicles, shrouded under covers, offer a intrigueing glimpse into the rigorous testing processes they have undergone. The presence of the protective covers suggests the company’s intent to maintain a level of secrecy or perhaps to preserve the integrity of the test results until a formal disclosure.

Adjacent to these tested vehicles, another Cybertruck is seen, sparking speculation that it could be the next in line for crash testing. The grouping of these vehicles together at the north end of the facility indicates a systematic approach to ensuring vehicle safety, with each vehicle potentially representing different stages or types of impact tests.


Such testing is crucial for Tesla, not only to meet regulatory requirements but also to uphold its reputation for prioritizing passenger safety. These images reaffirm Tesla’s commitment to refining the design and structure of its vehicles, ensuring they withstand real-world conditions and protect their occupants.

In the coming weeks, industry experts and enthusiasts will be keenly awaiting further details on the test results and any insights Tesla may provide on the advancements in the Cybertruck’s safety features.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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