The Wait for Tesla’s Cybertruck Might Be Over Soon

The buzzing anticipation surrounding Tesla's Cybertruck could soon reach its climax. Recent developments suggest that the much-awaited launch event for the electric pickup truck might be just around the corner.

The air of expectancy intensified when a photo emerged on the Cybertruck Owners Club, showcasing new “ Launch Team” apparel being distributed to Tesla employees. This move hints at preparations being in full swing for the upcoming launch event.

, 's CEO, previously hinted at a Cybertruck delivery event towards the end of Q3. And while no official date has been announced, the release of this apparel strongly implies that an announcement could be days away, with the event following shortly after.

Cybertruck Launch: What to Expect?

The impending launch promises to be more than just a spectacle. Not only is it anticipated to feature deliveries to Tesla's staff, but the approximately 2 million reservation holders can also look forward to the unveiling of the Cybertruck's final production specifications and pricing. It's worth noting that these details are expected to differ significantly from what was announced four years ago.

Once these specs and prices are revealed, reservation holders will face the decision of whether to finalize their orders based on the presented details.

It's also worth noting that while Tesla had previously offered event invites as a reward in its referral program, no such invites have reportedly been dispatched yet.

Given the recent developments, many anticipate Tesla will commence sending out invites for a Cybertruck delivery event slated for October. With sightings of advanced release candidates and the new apparel rollout, all signs point to the Cybertruck being the most eagerly awaited EV of the year.

As we await official word, the buzz remains: Will the Cybertruck live up to its hype? Only time will tell.

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Haye Kesteloo
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