Glimpses of the New Cybertruck: What’s Brewing at Gigafactory Texas?

Spotted Cybertrucks Rumored to be Production Ready

Electric vehicle enthusiasts, hold onto your hats! There's a buzz around Tesla's Cybertruck, and it's getting louder. Could the vehicles recently seen at Gigafactory Texas be the final versions, ready for production?


In recent times, Gigafactory experienced both full and partial production halts. These shutdowns, intended for factory upgrades, led to rife speculation. A compelling drone video by Joe Tegtmeyer offers some insight. He captured footage of workers returning to the facility and, intriguingly, new bodies and Cybertrucks emerging.

There's chatter suggesting that these pauses at were in preparation for production. Tegtmeyer, known for his frequent drone flyovers and chats with Giga Texas employees, stated that the new Cybertrucks seen are “Master Candidates,” the final phase before actual production.

Tegtmeyer mentioned, “the two Cybertrucks spotted at the factory did look a lot more refined than the previously spotted prototypes.”

Now, while there's no concrete confirmation if these are indeed master candidates, the noticeable changes can't be ignored. These trucks have trims and fittings that blend more harmoniously with the electric pickup's signature stainless steel body. Although the drone footage doesn't allow for a close inspection, the improvements are evident and promising.

Tesla aficionados have their eyes peeled. The company is on the cusp of officially kickstarting Cybertruck production, with the first batch of deliveries anticipated in the coming month. Plus, more Cybertrucks are making appearances at Tesla employees' residences, hinting at expanded internal testing.

The future looks electrifying, and the Cybertruck seems ready to make a grand entry!

Source: Joe Tegtmeyer on Youtube

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