Subaru Shifts Gears: Targets Half of Sales from Battery EVs by 2030

Subaru, the renowned Japanese automaker, has revved up its efforts in green energy by setting an ambitious target. The company aims to sell 600,000 battery electric vehicles (EVs) annually by 2030, making up half of its global sales.

This move marks a significant shift from its previous goal to have battery EVs and hybrids represent at least two-fifths of its expected total sales of around 1.2 million vehicles by 2030.

Subaru’s CEO, Atsushi Osaki, emphasized the urgency of the company’s plans: “The coming five years to 2028 are a really important period for us to realize those goals.”

As part of its strategy, Subaru is planning to pump around 1.5 trillion yen (approx. $10.51 billion) into electrification by the dawn of the next decade. Moreover, the company intends to expand its battery-powered line-up to eight models by the end of 2028.

Subaru’s first mass-produced EV, the Solterra, is currently produced at Toyota’s Motomachi plant, with three new EVs to be launched by the end of 2026, and four additional models by 2028.

Subaru’s new target echoes the broader trend among larger Japanese automakers, such as Toyota, in ramping up their electrification efforts. As a fifth-owned subsidiary of Toyota, Subaru is expected to commence battery EV production in the United States around 2027 or 2028, driven by the increasing American consumer preference for EVs.

In the race to reduce carbon footprints and address climate change, Subaru is stepping on the gas, shifting gears towards a more sustainable future for automotive transportation.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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