Tesla’s Model Y Crushes 35-Year Iceland Record

In a stunning display of electric power, 's Model Y has shattered the annual sales record for a single car model in , and it did so in just six months. The previous record, reportedly set by the Corolla 35 years ago, saw just over 1,200 vehicles sold in one year. The has surged past that, with 1,316 units delivered in the first half of 2023.

Situated in a region that is an ideal setting for electric vehicles (EVs), Iceland generates nearly all its electricity from renewable sources, making EVs a super green option. Fuel costs are high due to the 's remote location, providing further motivation for Icelanders to go electric.

The nation's population is sparse with around 350,000 people, but a large segment lives around Reykjavík, where the short commutes are perfectly suited to EVs.

Tesla has significantly invested in this island nation, rolling out a that covers the entire island. This network was made available to all EVs last year, showing Tesla's commitment to the overall growth of the electric market. This strategic move is now proving fruitful as Tesla's Model Y becomes Iceland's most sought-after vehicle.

The Model Y's dominance in the market, however, isn't just due to excellent marketing or infrastructure support. Iceland's government has incentivized rental companies to update their fleets with electric vehicles. This not only promotes the use of electric vehicles among locals but also makes it easier for tourists to drive green.

In conclusion, Tesla's achievement in Iceland demonstrates the potential of electric vehicles in the right circumstances. The company's strategic investment in infrastructure, coupled with the country's unique geographic and demographic factors, has allowed the Model Y to take the crown held by Toyota for over three decades.

Photo courtesy of Tesla Europe.

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