Tesla Keeps Production Goals On Track Amid Changes

Despite cutting back on hiring and Saturday shifts, 's German plant is still set to hit its production targets, the company confirmed last Thursday. This follows a report from Business Insider stating Tesla had paused its aim to produce 6,000 cars a week, an increase from the 5,000 cars per week it achieved in March.

The electric car company, Tesla, is implementing traditional tactics like price reductions and incentives to move their inventory. They've made deep cuts in the prices of their vehicles across various markets due to an economic downturn that affects demand, even as they increase production and face rising competition.

Tesla has been offering notable discounts on its cars. A -made now comes with a saving of up to 3,490 euros ($3,842), and a Berlin-made with a discount of up to 3,660 euros ($4,029), according to Tesla Info's global inventory list.

Looking for new ways to boost demand, Tesla CEO announced to shareholders last month that the company would be dipping its toe into the world of advertising for the first time, Reuters reported.

This Friday, Musk will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron for the second time in over a month. They'll be discussing the possibility of being the site for a second European Tesla factory.

In conclusion, despite some operational changes and market challenges, Tesla remains focused on hitting production targets and exploring growth opportunities in .

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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