Giga Berlin: You can have any color Model Y as long as it is… They look great though!

While it seems that is starting to produce Telsa Model Y vehicles at the Gigafactory Texas, the electric car manufacturer has definitely started producing them at Giga Berlin in .

Giga Berlin is outputting mostly black Model Y vehicles

Here are some screen grabs from two drone videos that were uploaded to Youtube this week by Tobias Lindh. Looking at the rims and carbon fiber trunk spoilers a good number of them seem to be the performance models.

It is worth noting that as far as we can see all but one of the Model Ys are black.

Check out the below for some of the cars that were recently produced. Some of the newly manufactured Tesla cars can be seen around the 01:30 mark in this video below.

YouTube video

However, some of the best shots can be seen in this video from Tobias Lindh that was recorded on January 14th of this year. About ten minutes into the drone footage we see a number of black Tesla Model Y vehicles neatly lined up.

YouTube video

The first time a Model Y was spotted at was on November 20th of last year. Check out the video below for some nice aerial footage of that vehicle. You can even see the drone in the reflection of the car if you look carefully.

YouTube video

Photos and videos courtesy of Tobias Lindh. We are thankful for you making these videos and uploading them to Youtube for the world to see.

Let us know what you think about the number of Tesla Model Ys that Giga Berlin seems to be cranking out before the factory is completely finished.

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