Tesla’s Newest Release: Handmade Copitas Fly Off Shelves

, known for its electric cars, has ventured into a new market with the release of handmade copitas, now available in the U.S. for $55.

Unique Handcrafted Design

These copitas, small ceramic cups traditionally used for drinking mezcal, are crafted from black clay sourced from Oaxaca, . Each cup is unique, shaped by hand and baked over an open fire, giving them a distinct character.

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Supporting Local Communities

In addition to their unique craftsmanship, Tesla's copitas come with a commitment to social impact. A portion of the proceeds from these sales will support clean water systems, education programs, and artisan grants in rural communities throughout Oaxaca. Tesla highlights the importance of these contributions, noting that they are working with local production partners to ensure that these funds are reinvested effectively.

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Quick Sell-Out

Despite their recent release, the copitas have already sold out. This rapid sell-out reflects both the popularity of Tesla's brand and the appeal of the copitas' unique, handmade quality.

For more details, you can visit the Tesla Shop.

EVXL's Take

Tesla's expansion into lifestyle products, like these copitas, highlights the company's innovative approach to brand diversification. By supporting local artisans and contributing to community development, Tesla is making a positive impact beyond the automotive industry. This move not only enhances their brand image but also aligns with their broader mission of sustainability and social responsibility.

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