Tesla’s Powerwall 3 Makes Its Canadian Debut

has introduced its next-gen home battery, the Powerwall 3, to , following its initial release in the U.S. earlier this year. This launch marks Canada as the first outside the U.S. to offer this advanced energy storage solution.

The Main Upgrade

The Powerwall 3 reportedly boasts significant improvements over its predecessor. It offers 11.5 kW of on-grid power, a major leap from the Powerwall 2's 5 kW. Additionally, it includes a built-in solar inverter, a feature absent in the previous model. Despite these advancements, both versions have a total energy capacity of 13.5 kWh.

High-Power Capability

has highlighted the Powerwall 3's ability to handle peak power of around 30 kW, stressing its importance for home energy needs.

“What matters most about Powerwall 3 is that it can handle peak power of ~30kW, which is enough to handle dryers & air-conditioners,” Musk said.

This capability means a single Powerwall can now meet the power requirements of most homes.

Easy Installation and High Power

Tesla has also optimized the Powerwall 3 for ease of installation and high power. Musk emphasized that the new system can effectively serve as an uninterruptible power supply, ensuring homes remain powered during outages.

“PW3 is optimized for ease of installation & high power, which means that a single Powerwall can serve as an uninterruptible power supply for most homes,” Musk noted.

Official Specifications

Following Musk's announcements and a period of quiet installations, Tesla officially listed the Powerwall 3's specifications on its website. These specs became available just days after Musk's statements, signaling Tesla's readiness to expand its energy solutions to more markets.

EVXL's Take

The launch of the Powerwall 3 in Canada is a significant step towards broader adoption of home energy storage solutions. Its higher power output and built-in solar inverter it a robust option for modern homes. As electric vehicle and renewable energy technologies continue to advance, the Powerwall 3 represents a key piece in the puzzle of creating sustainable, resilient energy systems for the future.

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