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In this article, we explore the elegance and enhancement of the latest Tesla Model 3, focusing on its refined exterior design and various safety improvements. As we delve deeper into the sleek yet functional aesthetics, it becomes apparent that this Model 3 iteration presents the utmost achievement in luxury, comfort, and performance. With a keen focus on advancing technologies, the Model 3 offers an unparalleled driving experience.

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Moving to the interior, we discuss the acoustic and design upgrades that create a serene atmosphere, ensuring a seamless connection between driver, passenger, and vehicle. As we highlight the innovative features and sleek design elements, it becomes clear that the Model 3 is the epitome of automotive evolution, combining both form and function to create a truly exceptional driving experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Enhanced exterior design offers a sleeker, more athletic appearance
  • Improved safety features provide increased protection with structural upgrades
  • Luxurious interior design includes acoustic enhancements and cutting-edge technology
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Exterior Design

Front End Evolution

The front end of the Model 3 has evolved, showcasing the removal of “baby fat” to give it a sleeker, refined appearance. The unification of materials and a heightened sense of premiumness contribute to the overall visual appeal of the car.

Headlight Slimming

The Model 3’s headlights have been slimmed down and the puffy cheeks removed, resulting in a more streamlined and aerodynamic look.

Hood and Shoulders Contouring

Enhancements to the hood and shoulder areas include the addition of full volume in the hood, a more defined waist, and a slippery silhouette, reminiscent of a refined athlete.

Silhouette Refinement

Focused on improving side impact protection, several reinforcements have been introduced to the Model 3’s door structure. These updates include a reinforced latch and striker on the doors, stronger hinges, and an added catch at the bottom of the door, resulting in improved safety features.

Significant updates to the rear design include incorporating tail lights into the decklid, creating a wide stance without split lines when lit, and a larger diffuser to improve overall aesthetics.

Moreover, new color options such as Ultra Red and Stealth Grey have been introduced, offering customers more personalization and excitement when it comes to their car’s appearance. Additionally, an air-deflecting ramp on the hood edge works to further reduce wind noise, creating a quieter driving experience at both high and low speeds.

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Safety Enhancements

Side Impact Improvements

We focused on enhancing the side impact safety of the vehicle by creating a stiffer and stronger door structure. Reinforcing key areas such as hinges, door latches, and strikers helps resist impact. Additionally, we added a catch at the bottom of the door, allowing it to be secured in three places, further increasing safety during side impacts.

Door Structure Reinforcement

The strengthened door structure not only improves side impact safety but also contributes to a quieter cabin experience. Through reinforced hinges, door latches, and strikers, as well as the introduction of a catch at the bottom of the door, we ensure a solid connection between the door and the vehicle’s body. This minimizes cabin noise while driving, enabling better voice isolation during phone calls and a more comfortable ride overall.

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Moreover, we incorporated a ramp on the edge of the hood to deflect air over the windscreen, contributing to reduced wind noise and a quieter driving experience at high and low speeds.

Rear End Aesthetics

Tail Light Integration

The Model 3’s rear end aesthetics are elevated with the integration of tail lights into the deck lid. This design choice positions the lights out wide, giving the car a broad stance and dynamic character. Additionally, there are no split lines when the tail lights are lit, creating a seamless visual effect.

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Diffuser Design

Another key component of the rear end aesthetics is the upgraded diffuser. Not only is it slightly bigger, but it also streamlines the lines and character of the rear end. The resulting look is stylish and cohesive. The Model 3’s rear end aesthetics are a prime example of the vehicle’s refined athleticism and attention to detail.

Color Palette Expansion

Ultra Red Introduction

The Ultra Red color option for the Model 3 brings an enhanced sense of encapsulation and premiumness to the vehicle. This high chroma color choice accentuates the refined athletic appearance of the car. The slim headlights and polished front end now flow seamlessly into the bold Ultra Red presence that captures the attention of passersby.

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Stealth Grey Unveiling

In line with the Ultra Red introduction, the Stealth Grey color option offers another level of sophistication and unity of materials to the Model 3. This subdued yet impactful hue complements the streamlined silhouette of the car, emphasizing the upgraded exterior features such as the wider tail lights and sculpted rear diffuser. Stealth Grey adds a layer of understated elegance to the Model 3’s already sleek profile.

Acoustic Upgrades

Cabin Quietness

The cabin of the upgraded Model 3 offers a remarkably quiet experience. Upon closing the door, passengers will immediately notice the serene atmosphere inside the car. This tranquility is even more evident during phone calls, as there is less background noise and better voice isolation.

Aero-Acoustic Enhancements

In addition to the interior improvements, the new Model 3 also features several aero-acoustic enhancements to further reduce wind noise. One such feature is the small ramp on the edge of the hood that helps in deflecting air over the windscreen, providing a much quieter experience, both at high and low speeds. This combination of cabin quietness and aero-acoustic enhancements contributes to the overall refined driving experience the upgraded Model 3 has to offer.

Interior Design

Wraparound Aesthetics

The interior design of the Model 3 features a beautiful wraparound feel, providing a sense of encapsulation that enhances passengers’ experience. The integration of LED lights that stretch from the center of the instrument panel to the door creates a seamless visual effect. This refined design showcases the unification of materials, contributing to a more premium look in the cabin.

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Lighting Customization

Passengers can personalize their experience by customizing the LED lighting within the cabin. Options include various colors such as pink, light blue, and green, providing an engaging atmosphere for each individual’s preference. This lighting even extends to the rear seats, ensuring consistent ambience throughout the vehicle.

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Rear Seat Features

The rear seat area has also received significant improvements. For added convenience, passengers now have access to a display that allows them to control climate settings, seat heaters, and fan adjustments. Moreover, with the innovative legroom adjustment feature, they can enjoy more comfort during long rides. The introduction of ventilated front seats demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, responding to a highly requested feature.

Wraparound designSeamless LED lighting connection from instrument panel to the door
Lighting optionsCustomizable colors including pink, light blue, and green
Rear seat displayControl of climate settings, seat heaters, and fan adjustments
Legroom adjustmentIncreased comfort for rear seat passengers
Ventilated seatsImproved customer satisfaction with a highly requested feature
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These upgrades, along with the improved steering wheel, haptic interface controls, and optimal speaker placement, make the interior design of the Model 3 an impressive and luxurious experience.

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Technological Advances

Ventilated Front Seats

The new Model 3 features comfortable ventilated front seats, a feature that customers have been requesting. The seats include a unique wing over the top and a specially designed textile, ensuring a pleasant experience during rides.

Improved Steering Wheel

The improved steering wheel in the Model 3 comes with haptic interface controls, offering a more responsive and engaging driving experience. This improvement goes hand-in-hand with the overall enhanced performance and handling of the car.

Optimized Speaker Placement

To provide an immersive sound experience, the Model 3’s interior features strategically placed speakers surrounding riders. This optimal placement not only contributes to the enjoyment of music and media but also emphasizes the quietness inside the car during phone calls and at various driving speeds.

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Performance Updates

Handling Improvements

We have made significant updates to the handling of the Model 3, resulting in a smoother and more responsive driving experience. Some of the key enhancements include:

  • A refined athlete-like feel, with more streamlined, slippery silhouette
  • Stiffer and stronger door structures for improved side-impact protection
  • Reinforced hinges, door latch, and striker
  • Addition of a catch at the bottom of the door, equipping it to resist impacts effectively
  • Wind noise reduction through a small ramp on the edge of the hood, which deflects air over the windscreen for a quieter experience at both high and low speeds
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Overall Performance Boost

The Model 3 offers an elevated overall performance, making it the best edition we have ever produced. Notable improvements include:

  • Quieter interiors, resulting in reduced background noise and better voice isolation for phone calls
  • Enhanced focus on the interior design, providing a beautiful wraparound feel
  • Optimal placement of speakers for an immersive audio experience
  • Ventilated front seats for increased comfort
  • Updated steering wheel with haptic interface controls
  • New color options: Ultra Red and Stealth Grey

Photos courtesy of Tesla.

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