Tesla’s Major Recall: Over 2 Million Vehicles for Autopilot Safety Upgrade

Addressing Tesla's Autopilot Concerns

Tesla, in response to a two-year investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is initiating a significant recall of over two million vehicles. This action aims to address safety issues associated with 's driver assistance system.

Over-the-Air Updates for Enhanced Safety

The recall will involve free over-the-air (OTA) updates, enhancing features to ensure driver attention while using Autopilot. Affected vehicles reportedly include all current Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) since the launch of Autopilot in 2015, covering models such as the , , , and .

New Features and Incident Response

The updates will introduce more visible visual alerts and facilitate the activation and deactivation of the Autosteer function. Additionally, drivers may face suspension from using Autosteer if they fail to adhere to responsible driving practices. This decision comes in the wake of 11 crashes involving parked first-responder vehicles since 2018, leading to 17 injuries and one fatality.

Tesla's Ongoing Legal Challenges

Tesla is also navigating legal complexities into 2024, particularly concerning its . The company has updated its purchase agreement to potentially sue owners who attempt to sell their Cybertruck within a year of purchase. This unusual clause aims to prevent rapid reselling of the highly anticipated vehicle.

Tesla's recall marks a critical step in addressing safety concerns with its Autopilot system, reflecting the company's commitment to driver safety and regulatory compliance. As Tesla continues to innovate, these measures highlight the importance of balancing technological advancements with user safety and responsibility.

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