Tesla Unveils Cybertruck at $61,000, Elon Musk Hands Over First Units in Austin

In a highly-anticipated Cybertruck launch event in Austin, , 's CEO personally delivered the first Cybertrucks to customers, marking a significant milestone in the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

“Finally, the future will look like the future,” Elon said.

However, the long-awaited comes with a $61,000 price tag, that's higher than initially promised, leaving some potential buyers surprised.

Delayed Cybertruck Arrival and Price Adjustment

After a two-year delay from its original delivery timeline, Tesla's Cybertruck has finally made its debut. When the Cybertruck was first introduced four years ago, Elon Musk pledged a starting price of $49,000. However, the base model of the Cybertruck now starts at $60,990, a $12,000 increase from Musk's initial commitment. What's more, this entry-level version won't be available until 2025, potentially disappointing eager buyers.

A Three-Tiered Offering

At the Austin event, Elon Musk kicked off deliveries to reservation holders, personally handing over the keys to the first customers. Tesla also unveiled two other versions of the Cybertruck set to release next year. These include an all-wheel-drive model with a price of $79,990 and a premium “Cyberbeast” variant priced around $99,990. These models offer more options for buyers with varying budgets and preferences.

Tesla CybertruckRear-Wheel DriveAll-Wheel DriveCyberbeast
Accelaration 0-60mph6.5 seconds3.9 seconds2.6 seconds
Top Speed112mph112mph130mph
Range250 miles340 miles320 miles
Range Extendern/a470 miles440 miles
Towing Capacity7,500 lbs11,000 lbs11,000 lbs

Production Plans and Reservation Adjustments

Elon Musk disclosed that Tesla aims to begin mass production of the Cybertruck in 2025, with a target of producing 250,000 units annually. However, those who have not yet made reservations may face extended wait times.

Tesla has significantly increased the price of a refundable reservation to $250, reflecting the high demand and the company's need to manage reservations effectively.

Tesla Unveils Cybertruck At $61,000, Elon Musk Hands Over First Units In Austin

Cybertruck Battery Range Comparison

One key factor for EV buyers is battery range, and here the Cybertruck offers 250 miles per charge for the base model, while the premium Cyberbeast boasts 320 miles on a single charge. While these figures are respectable, some potential buyers might have been hoping for more, especially when compared to competitors like the R1T (with a range of 270 to 350 miles per charge) and the (ranging from 230 to 320 miles per charge).

The arrival of Tesla's Cybertruck represents a significant moment in the EV industry, showcasing the company's commitment to innovation and electric mobility. However, the higher-than-expected price and the delayed availability of the base model may leave some enthusiasts eager for more affordable options disappointed.

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, Tesla's Cybertruck will undoubtedly be closely watched as it navigates the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Photos courtesy of Telsa.

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