Tesla Light Show Illuminates Espoo with a World Record

A Night to Remember at Vermo Race Track

On a crisp November evening, the Vermo race track in Espoo, Finland, witnessed a spectacular event that lit up the night sky. A total of 687 Teslas, in an array of models from the Model 3 to the , gathered to create a mesmerizing light show, setting a new world record in the process. Club Finland, the brains behind this extraordinary event, collaborated with Simon Pollock of TeslaLightShows.io to bring their vision to life.

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Capturing the Magic

The dazzling spectacle was meticulously captured by Flyby Guys, a Finnish drone services company. CEO Stephen Sutton shared the extensive planning that went into the production. “Safety was the most important thing. We studied the area carefully,” Sutton explained, emphasizing the challenges posed by the proximity of Meilahti Hospital and potential medical helicopter flights.

Five drones piloted by Flyby Guys' experienced team took to the skies to film the event. “Because the light show was organized only once, we didn't know exactly what the show would be like,” Sutton said, capturing the excitement and uncertainty of filming such a unique event.

Artistic Symphony of Lights and Sound

The Tesla light show was more than a display of flashy lights; it was an artistic symphony. The performance started with “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Royal Deluxe and culminated with Darude's iconic “Sandstorm,” turning the gathering into a vibrant dance floor. The synchrony of lights and music showcased the Teslas' capability to transform into moving art pieces.

Community Effort and Sponsor Involvement

The success of the event can also be attributed to the involvement of local businesses and sponsors like Michelin and Tesla Finland, which provided incentives like tire giveaways and test drives. This collaborative effort highlighted the strong community spirit and enthusiasm of Tesla owners and enthusiasts.

Tesla Light Show Illuminates Espoo with a World Record
Tesla Light Show Illuminates Espoo with a World Record

Future of Tesla Light Shows

This event sets a new bar for Tesla Light Shows, showcasing the innovative use of technology in creating art. For those interested, Pollock's website offers downloadable files for the light show, inviting more Tesla owners to participate in this growing trend.

The complete video of the event, a testament to the blend of technology, art, and community, can be viewed on YouTube. This record-breaking event in Espoo is not just a milestone for Tesla Club Finland but a beacon of creativity and unity in the Tesla community.

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