Tesla offers free supercharging in Israel

In response to the attacks from Hamas on Israel and in support of the Israeli people, announced earlier today that, “All Tesla Superchargers in Israel are free.

Tesla's Supercharger stations in Israel are now waiving the fee, letting drivers boost their cars' batteries at no cost. 's Superchargers aren't your ordinary charging hubs. They're power-packed, dishing out a stunning 250 kW. That means a Tesla can gain up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

Not Just Business, It's Humanity

What's the reason behind this generosity? A message sent to Tesla owners in Israel unveils the motive: aiding Israel's ongoing efforts “to restore the safety of its citizens.” In times of crisis, transport becomes crucial, and this move ensures that drivers can keep moving.

This isn't a one-off gesture; during the Russia-Ukraine conflict and during U.S. hurricanes, Tesla stepped up with free Supercharging.

A Glimpse at Tesla's Israeli Impact

Currently, Israel has a strong Tesla footprint with 22 Supercharger stations dotting the nation, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat. A tiny hiccup? These stations remain exclusive for Tesla cars. But for Tesla drivers in the region, it's all green lights ahead.

Tesla isn't just shaping the future of electric vehicles; it's making impactful decisions for communities in need. Whether it's the Sunshine State bracing for a hurricane or Israeli citizens seeking safety, Tesla charges forward in support.

More information on the Tesla in Israel can be found here.

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