Tesla Model 3 Highland: Unveiling the Future in France

The electric car game is changing, and Tesla’s at the forefront. Their latest marvel, the Tesla Model 3 Highland, just made a striking debut in the heart of France. At a recent Tesla Owners Club event at the Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaune, an eager crowd got their first live glimpse of the revamped Model 3, as captured in a video shared by Esther Kokkelmans.

And the crowd’s reaction? Nothing short of electric. As the car cover lifted, the crowd burst into applause, setting the tone for what’s bound to be another success story for Tesla.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland, Just Made A Striking Debut In The Heart Of France. At A Recent Tesla Owners Club Event At The Chateau De Savigny-Les-Beaune
The Tesla Model 3 Highland, just made a striking debut in the heart of France. At a recent Tesla Owners Club event at the Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaune

A Glimpse into the Model 3 Highland

While the initial deliveries in France are just around the corner – with an estimated timeline between October and November – the Tesla Model 3 Highland has been the talk of the town. The anticipation rose as units of this sleek machine were spotted outside Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, hinting at Tesla’s intention to kickstart deliveries across Europe and Asia.

What’s new with the Highland? Well, it’s not just about the power under the hood. This Model 3 redesign sports updated features that are turning heads. Aesthetically, the exterior gets new headlights and a slightly reworked front end.

Step inside, and you’re treated to a revamped interior, simpler yet with thoughtful additions like a new blind spot indicator and a one-of-a-kind manual gear selector. This model was reportedly even showcased at Tesla’s European showrooms, including one in Paris.

What’s Next for Tesla Model 3 Highland?

For those in the U.S. eagerly awaiting this electric marvel, there’s some promising news. The Model 3 Highland has been sighted being tested on Californian roads. Though an official U.S. launch date remains under wraps, most anticipate Tesla to electrify American roads with the Model 3 Highland come early 2024. The future is looking charged!

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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