Tesla Cybertruck Castings Signal Imminent Production

When the talk turns to revolutionary electric vehicles, Tesla’s Cybertruck invariably enters the conversation. The unique, futuristic beast is once again in the headlines, but this time, it’s about the tantalizing possibility of production. A recent discovery suggests that Tesla could soon roll the much-anticipated truck off its production lines at Gigafactory Texas.

An Inventory Surge that Sparks Speculation

According to recent aerial visuals by Joe Tegtmeyer, a drone operator mapping Giga Texas’ progress, Tesla has stockpiled a remarkable number of Cybertruck castings. This move not only hints at a production ramp-up but also kindles hope among enthusiasts awaiting the vehicle’s delivery.


Tesla is amassing a significant inventory of front and rear castings for the Cybertruck, suggesting they’re actively producing components of the vehicle, the images reveal.

For those tracking the company’s steps, such an inventory build-up is a strong sign. RC-labeled Cybertrucks, having undergone rigorous validation, road tests, and crash evaluations, are becoming a frequent sight on public roads. Could this mean that Tesla’s much-vaunted pickup is nearing its grand debut?

Driven by Demand and Ambitious Goals

Tesla’s motivations are clear. With over two million reservations for the Cybertruck, the pressure is on. The company aims to hit a staggering 1.8 million unit deliveries in 2023, a target that seems ambitious, especially in light of a recent Q3 shortfall. Speeding up Cybertruck’s production could be the boost Tesla needs to meet, or even surpass, its goals.

Redefining the EV Market Landscape

Beyond numbers and production stats, the Cybertruck stands as a symbol of innovation in the EV sector. Its groundbreaking stainless steel design and jaw-dropping features, like the sub 2.9-second 0-60 mph acceleration, showcase Tesla’s commitment to shattering industry norms.

This isn’t just a truck; it’s a statement. And as Tesla inches closer to production, the automotive world waits with bated breath.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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