Tesla V4 Supercharger Evolution: Nevada Embraces the Future

Hold onto your charging cables, EV enthusiasts! Tesla is bringing its advanced V4 Supercharger to the US, and it’s sparking excitement. Europe has been enjoying the fast and efficient V4 Supercharger stations for the past six months, with nearly a dozen already functioning. While North America has been eagerly awaiting its first taste of this technology, the good news is: the wait is almost over!

Sparks, Nevada: The Next Big Charging Stop

A recent buzz on X/Twitter showed photos suggesting that apart from the soon-to-open station in Oregon, another one is gearing up in Sparks, Nevada.

As C. Anagani exclaimed on Twitter, “Just saw these V4 units 2 hours ago at the chargers in Sparks, NV! The guy there said they’ll be up next week👌🏾”.

So, what sets these V4 Superchargers apart? Unlike the older versions with a central opening, these are completely enclosed. More importantly, they’re expected to juice up your EV faster and come with a 3-foot longer cable, making the charging experience even smoother.

Tesla V4 Supercharges Installed At Sparks Nevada 2

A Future Charged with Potential

As we anticipate these stations becoming fully operational, it’s evident that Tesla continues to innovate, striving for efficiency and convenience in the EV world. So the next time you’re in Nevada or Oregon, keep an eye out for these sleek, new Superchargers, and experience the future of EV charging.

Photos courtesy of Anagani and Cabby.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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