Cybertruck Towers Over Tesla Lineup

New Drone Imagery Reveals Scale of the Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck has always been about making a big statement. But as new visuals emerge, it’s clear the truck isn’t just metaphorically big—it’s literally larger than life.

Recent drone imagery, shared on omg_Tesla/Rivian, puts the Cybertruck’s impressive size into perspective, showing it dwarfing other Tesla staples like the Model 3, Model Y, and Model X.

“Polygon size comparison to the Red Model Y next to a Model S… with a Cybertruck truck taking up 3 spots,” the tweet reveals.

Cybertruck Towers Over Tesla Lineup. Photo Courtesy Of Eva Mcmillan.
Cybertruck Towers Over Tesla Lineup. Photo courtesy of Eva McMillan.

Further reinforcing its colossal stature, a video clip captures the electric behemoth snugly backing into a spot, flanked by a Model X and Model Y. For Tesla enthusiasts, the Cybertruck is not just another vehicle—it’s a giant leap into the future.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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