Tesla’s Second V4 Supercharger Station Debuts in The Netherlands

Tesla’s electrifying push into Europe takes another significant step! The automotive giant has launched its second V4 Supercharger station in The Netherlands, closely following the opening of its first global V4 station, which was also situated in the same country.

Earlier this year, Harderwijk in The Netherlands became home to Tesla’s pioneering V4 Supercharger. Now, a mere one and a half hour drive away, the southern city of Best boasts a spanking new station equipped with 20 V4 Superchargers. A key highlight? This station is open not just to Tesla vehicles but to all electric cars, fostering inclusivity in the electric revolution.

Tesla Second V4 Supercharger Station Debuts In The Netherlands.jpg
Tesla’s Second V4 Supercharger Station Debuts in The Netherlands

Tesla is intensifying its deployment of V4 Superchargers across Europe, marking significant installations in diverse locations such as southeastern Rome and the United Kingdom. Importantly, the chargers in the UK broke new ground by becoming the first to provide contactless payment options.

This rapid expansion might be attributed to a significant financial boost. Recently, Tesla reportedly secured approximately €149 million from the European Union. This substantial fund aims to rejuvenate and broaden Tesla’s Supercharger Network across Europe. The grand plan? Deploy or enhance over 7,000 Superchargers to the latest V4 tech.

Across the pond, there’s a similar surge in activity. Tesla is rapidly increasing its Supercharger Magic Dock installations in the U.S., as observed by a dedicated community-run website tracking Tesla’s Supercharger growth.

Tesla'S Second V4 Supercharger Station Debuts In The Netherlands
Tesla’s Second V4 Supercharger Station Debuts in The Netherlands

As Tesla amplifies its European charging infrastructure, it’s evident the electric titan aims to ensure no EV owner is left behind. The future of electric mobility in Europe is looking brighter than ever!

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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