BMW’s Next M3: A 1300hp Electric Marvel Takes the Stage

Get ready for a revolution in the world of high-performance cars as BMW drops hints about the future of its iconic M3. Brace yourself for the next-generation M3, which could evolve into a groundbreaking 1300-horsepower electric powerhouse, generating an astonishing 1 MegaWatt of power.

This electrifying news comes as BMW’s 3 Series transitions to the brand’s “Neue Klasse” (NK) architecture, potentially taking the M3 into uncharted territory with four electric motors, one for each wheel. Remarkably, this electric marvel will coexist alongside the current gasoline-powered M3, which will continue production until 2030, showcasing BMW’s commitment to innovation without abandoning its heritage.

BMW Group’s director of development, Dr. Frank Weber, and BMW M division’s head, Frank van Meel, have dropped tantalizing hints about the next M3 and its sibling, the M4 coupe. Both models are set to receive revolutionary chassis control and suspension features, promising an exhilarating performance powered by a motor at each wheel.

As we eagerly await the next M3, the upcoming M5 is already closing in on its market debut. Drawing inspiration from the XM’s twin-turbo V8/plug-in hybrid powertrain, the new M5 promises unprecedented power with an M hybrid drivetrain. Excitingly, it will soon be available as a touring (wagon) model, catering to a wider range of enthusiasts.

Yet, what truly sets the next M3 apart is its groundbreaking chassis control system, known as the “Heart of Joy.” This innovative technology aims to provide a seamless and emotionally charged driving experience, surpassing what current electric cars offer.

Dr. Weber explained, “This is a controller that has taken the last 20 or 30 years of our experience into a control unit. Everything that is driving-performance related, chassis-control related, propulsion-, powertrain-related is now in one integrated control unit.” BMW’s proprietary software, known for its performance prowess, will unlock incredible driving dynamics functions.

While BMW’s previous plug-in hybrid sportscar featured the “Hand of God” chassis control system, the Heart of Joy represents a modular control unit capable of managing everything from entry-level 3 Series sedans to quad-motor systems, packing up to a megaWatt of system power.

Dr. Weber reportedly emphasized, “This will come not too far away from the initial launch of the NK as a product line because people want to have what M can do next also in the battery-electric world.”

BMW’s commitment to pushing boundaries in the electric vehicle space while preserving its legacy of performance is poised to create a new era for the iconic M3.

Photos courtesy of BMW.

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