Tesla’s Next Big Thing: Drive-In, Diner, and Supercharger Combined!

In a groundbreaking move, Tesla has commenced construction on its most innovative Supercharger to date. Envision a fusion of past and future: a 1950s-themed diner next to a cutting-edge electric vehicle charging station. Now, add a dash of Hollywood glitz to this scene. Intrigued?

Set to rise in the vibrant heart of Hollywood, this Supercharger promises more than just a quick charge. With a dual-screen drive-in movie theater and a nostalgic diner, is redefining the electric charging experience.

For years, Tesla's CEO has alluded to the company's plans to construct a diner reminiscent of the 1950s era, also serving as a Supercharger hub for electric vehicles. A concept conceived as early as 2017, what once lingered as Musk's forward-thinking proposition has now materialized into an undeniable reality.

With the City of Los Angeles' stamp of approval reportedly obtained this past July, construction has gained momentum on Santa Monica Boulevard. The significance? This isn't merely another charging point; it symbolizes Tesla's unwavering commitment to enhance the EV ownership experience.

It's worth noting that Tesla plans to open its Superchargers to other car brands come spring, further emphasizing the importance of unique charging locations in the burgeoning EV market.

Early images showcase the project's nascent stages. However, if current progress is any indicator, Musk's ambitious vision could see fruition by year's end. Undoubtedly, this venture stands as one of Tesla's most eagerly awaited.

Stay tuned for continuous updates on this merger of nostalgia and innovation, a testament to Tesla's ceaseless drive for excellence.

Soon, you will be able to charge and dine at 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA.

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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