Tesla Tackles Noise: Model 3 Highland’s Innovative Approach

When cruising the roads in an electric vehicle (EV), such as a Tesla Model 3, you might notice something—a heightened awareness of wind and road noise. This is because, unlike the roar of traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), EVs run silently. This silence magnifies ambient noises. Tesla, known for its pioneering spirit, is on a mission to curb this issue in a unique way.

Addressing the Silent Concern

In vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICE), the emitted noise often masks the ambient sounds of wind and road inherent to driving. Because EVs don’t have this natural noise blocker, every little sound from the road is accentuated.

Over the years, Tesla has reportedly explored different strategies to tackle this issue, from partnering with tire manufacturers to crafting insulation solutions that cut down the noise. CEO Elon Musk pointed out that the 2019 Model 3s were the first batch to benefit from these innovations. While Musk refrained from detailing the methods, it’s probable that enhanced door and window seals played a significant role in Tesla’s noise reduction efforts.

In a further attempt, Tesla introduced Active Road Noise Cancellation in its Model S and Model X vehicles, a feature seen as early as 2021.

A Glassy Solution in Model 3 Highland

The real game-changer has emerged in Tesla’s Model 3 Highland. The innovative approach? The use of double-pane glass throughout the vehicle, a design tweak that notably dampens external noise.

Currently, the Model 3 Highland is turning heads in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Eager customers in the U.S. will have to wait a bit longer, though, as it’s slated to hit Western Hemisphere markets next year.

Presently, these cars roll off the assembly line at Gigafactory Shanghai in China before making their way to global customers.

This innovative approach underscores Tesla’s commitment to enhancing the EV driving experience. If noise was a concern, Tesla seems to be on the road to silencing those doubts.

Photos courtesy of Tesla.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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