Volkswagen Faces Production Pause: An Insight into the EV Challenge

Scales Back on Two EV Models Amidst Waning Demand

In a recent move reflecting market challenges, Volkswagen is set to temporarily cease production on two of its electric vehicle (EV) models. If you've been tracking the growth of EVs, this might come as a surprise.

Starting from October 2nd to the 13th, Volkswagen will halt the production of its ID.3 and Cupra Born electric cars at the Zwickau and Dresden plants in . This decision was taken in response to a “weaker demand,” a company spokesperson revealed, according to Reuters.

“Due to the current market situation, vehicle production will be reduced during the autumn holidays in Saxony,” they added.

What's the reason behind this shift? High inflation and subsidy slashes have dented the European EV market's appetite, making it challenging for traditional automakers like Volkswagen.

Additionally, the German auto giant is now jostling with newer competitors like and an influx of Chinese car brands vying for a piece of the electric pie.

Interestingly, Volkswagen had earlier stated that they wouldn't renew the contracts for 269 employees at its fully electric Zwickau plant. However, the total number of employees impacted by this recent decision remains undisclosed by the company.

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Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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