Tesla’s Global Hunt: From Turkey to India

It's not every day countries compete for the attention of a car manufacturer. But when that manufacturer is Tesla, the stakes are sky-high!

Racing for Tesla's Next Big Venture

As contemplates its next manufacturing expansion, countries are eagerly stepping up, hoping to draw the electric vehicle giant to their shores.

Just this week, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan made a public appeal to , urging him to “build a manufacturing plant in his .” Not to be outdone, is reportedly in the early stages of discussing potential factories with Tesla.

But where will Tesla ultimately decide to set up shop? Well, as Musk reportedly stated in May, Tesla would “probably pick a location for a new factory by the end of 2023.”

The Contenders

  • Saudi Arabia: Although the Kingdom has tried to tempt Tesla with exclusive rights to purchase raw materials from countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Musk has refuted these claims.
  • Turkey: The word on the street is that Turkey is high on Tesla's list. In fact, the country's communications directorate cites Musk acknowledging that Turkey is “among the most important candidates for its next factory.”
  • India: There's buzz about Tesla wanting a piece of the Indian market. Not just any piece, but a factory specifically designed to produce affordable electric vehicles for both local consumers and for export.

Other Expansions on the Horizon

Apart from these possibilities, there's confirmed news about a significant investment in Mexico. Specifically, Tesla is in the process of building a new facility in Nuevo Leon, with a whopping “$15 billion over the next two years” set to be invested.

Tesla's impressive list of factories, spanning from Fremont, to Shanghai, , is poised to grow. As countries eagerly pitch their cases, only time will reveal where Musk's electric empire expands next.

Existing Tesla Factories

Tesla currently has factories in the following locations:

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Haye Kesteloo

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