Tata Motors Eyes Global Electric Ambitions

Tata Motors, renowned as India’s foremost electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is gearing up for something big. Not just content with dominating its home turf, Tata has now set its eyes on international waters.

Tata Motor’s Global Aspirations

In a recent chat with Reuters, Shailesh Chandra, the managing director, unveiled that Tata Motors is actively testing its EVs in select global markets. This is the initial phase, and depending on the car’s performance, modifications might be in order.

“It is about which markets I should be in, with what products and with what kind of distribution strategy. We are assessing some markets, running our cars, discussing with business partners,” Chandra elaborated. However, fans and auto-enthusiasts might have to wait till next year for a clearer picture.

Revving Up Indian Operations

Back home, Tata isn’t hitting the brakes either. As its EV sales rocket, Tata has ambitious plans to roll out exclusive EV dealerships in various Indian cities. Chandra shared that this won’t be a blanket launch but a “progressive roll out.” He mentioned, “We want to understand fully the implication of an exclusive outlet versus what we were selling with the existing outlets.”

Currently, Tata utilizes its nationwide dealership network, catering to both fossil fuel and electric vehicles, to vend its EVs. However, as Chandra pointed out, the introduction of new EV-specific outlets will range from smaller towns to bustling metros, grounded in Tata’s existing dealership geography.

The EV Landscape

With an 80% grip on India’s EV market, Tata Motors stands tall among competitors like China’s MG Motor and domestic giant Mahindra & Mahindra. Their latest offering, a revamped Nexon electric SUV priced at approximately $18,000, promises an impressive 465 kilometers (289 miles) on one full charge.

India’s EV landscape, albeit nascent, is surging. Electric cars constituted roughly 2% of the colossal 3.9 million total car sales last fiscal year. The Indian government’s aspirations are clear – escalate this to a whopping 30% by 2030.

Future Outlook

Tata’s roadmap for the coming years is well-charted. The Mumbai-based titan aims to bolster its EV lineup with 10 cars in the next 3-4 years. Their goal? By 2025, EVs will make up a quarter of Tata’s total car sales. The robust sales and new launches, such as the Nexon EV, will buttress the company’s vision for EV-exclusive dealerships.

Chandra voiced confidence in meeting these ambitious targets, asserting that the company’s current strategies and offerings are primed for a “faster ramp up.”

Tata Motors’ forward-looking approach symbolizes not just its commitment to sustainable transportation but also its keenness to lead the EV revolution, both locally and globally. As Chandra summed up, the company is now “very well prepared” to cater to the burgeoning demand for electric mobility.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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