Fisker Ocean’s Production Skyrockets: 300 Units Daily by Year’s End

Promising news from electric-vehicle pioneer Fisker: the company announced on Thursday an ambitious plan to ramp up production of its Fisker Ocean sports utility vehicle. By the fourth quarter, they're looking at an impressive “300 units a day,” up from their current 180 units.

This comes as the latest update from a partnership between and the Canadian auto parts provider, Magna International, responsible for manufacturing these vehicles for European and North American consumers.

CEO Henrik Fisker reportedly hinted at a surge in vehicle deliveries in North America come September. Delving into the numbers, as of September 4th, Magna has produced 3,123 vehicles. Of these, just under 3,000 have been handed over to Fisker.

The company confirmed that “more than 450 Fisker Oceans in the US have been either delivered to customers or are in the process of being delivered.”

However, it's not all smooth sailing. Fisker faced challenges last month, adjusting their annual production goals due to supply chain hiccups. This came alongside a reported smaller-than-anticipated quarterly loss and their first revenue from the deliveries of their electric sport utility vehicles.

Fisker Ocean Gallery

They also highlighted a delay from one essential supplier of a complex component, attributing it to a “COVID hangover” and the need for specific skilled labor.

While the road ahead holds some challenges, Fisker's dedication to increasing production showcases their commitment to a greener future and customer satisfaction.

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