Tesla’s Unique Cybertruck Wiper Draws Attention

A recent video unveiling Tesla’s Cybertruck brought something peculiar to the forefront: its notably large windshield wiper. This isn’t just any wiper; it’s unique in its size and position.

Originally, the Cybertruck showcased a singular, massive wiper, distinctly placed on the side when idle. Typically, vehicle wipers rest beneath the hood, out of sight. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had once mentioned that this design “would not make it to production.” However, current beta prototypes beg to differ, as they prominently feature this debated wiper.

Recently, aerial footage captured by Brad Sloan revealed a Cybertruck exiting Texas’ Gigafactory. For a brief moment, its wiper was in action. Interestingly, the wiper seemed larger than its predecessors. This change might have been a response to criticisms suggesting the wiper’s inability to service the passenger side adequately.

Despite feedback, the wiper’s position remains unchanged, sitting visibly on the vehicle’s side. As Tesla ramps up Cybertruck production, anticipating a major delivery event this quarter, all eyes are on this unconventional wiper design.

Is the Cybertruck’s wiper a turn-off or just a minor detail? Share your thoughts below.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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