Stellantis Eyeing Potential Partnership with Leapmotor

Italian automotive giant, Stellantis, known for brands like Jeep, Fiat, and Peugeot, is looking to grow its footprint in the booming car market of China.

Recent reports from Bloomberg News suggest that the company is mulling over a collaboration with the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker, Zhejiang Leapmotor.

However, “considerations for a tie-up are ongoing and no final decisions have been made,” according to insiders.

Stellantis isn’t the only global heavyweight showing interest in Leapmotor. Other industry leaders, such as Germany’s Volkswagen, are also reportedly intrigued by the prospect of partnering with the Chinese EV brand.

Interestingly, just last month, the CEO of Stellantis, which also manufactures Maserati, voiced his belief that Western companies shouldn’t be deterred from the Chinese market, despite Beijing’s decision to limit exports of certain essential metals used in EVs.

It’s worth noting that Stellantis has reportedly been proactive in the EV segment elsewhere too. This past July, they restarted the construction of an EV battery facility in Canada, a move echoing similar ventures by giants like Volkswagen and Ford Motor.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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