Canada’s Becancour Becomes Electric Vehicle Hub with Ford’s New Investment

The small town of Becancour in Quebec, already dotted with electric vehicle (EV) projects, has caught the eye of another automotive giant. Ford Motor Co., in collaboration with its South Korean partners EcoProBM and SK On Co Ltd, has announced plans to invest C$1.2 billion ($887 million U.S.) in a plant dedicated to producing battery materials for electric vehicles, as shared by Canada’s industry ministry.

A significant factor in this endeavor is the focus on “cathode active materials (CAM),” which the factory aims to churn out at 45,000 tons annually for Ford’s electric vehicles. Elaborating on this, Ford described the substance as a high-quality Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM), a compound vital for rechargeable batteries aiming to enhance performance and driving range.

“This cathode facility will supply the material that goes into Ford’s future EVs in North America, specifically some of our future trucks,” highlighted Lisa Drake, Ford’s vice president for EVs.

This Quebec investment marks Ford’s debut in the region. The company has been a staple in neighboring Ontario for over a hundred years. To boost this venture, both the federal government of Canada and Quebec are pitching in with conditional and partially forgivable loans, amounting to C$322 million each.

The anticipation is palpable with the factory set to start operations in the first half of 2026 and generate over 345 jobs.

Becancour’s transition into a significant EV supply-chain nucleus in North America is evident with this being just one of several construction plans announced recently. The town, nestled along the St. Lawrence River, houses fewer than 15,000 residents but is rapidly evolving into an EV hotspot.

Commenting on this trend, Canada’s industry minister, Francois-Philippe Champagne, stated, “This is a big vote of confidence in the (EV) ecosystem we’ve been building.” He added, “This is very significant for Quebec, because as you know the auto sector has been primarily investing in Ontario, but now we have GM, now we have Ford in Becancour.”

Several other automobile giants have taken an interest in the region. General Motors Co and South Korea’s POSCO Future M recently expanded their battery materials facility’s production capacity. Moreover, Germany’s BASF SE is constructing a battery materials factory in the vicinity.

These investments echo Canada’s broader vision of becoming a global leader in the EV supply chain, supported by its rich mineral reserves, including lithium, nickel, and cobalt. The country is actively attracting companies across the EV spectrum, leveraging its multibillion-dollar green technology fund.

Automakers like Volkswagen and Stellantis are investing west of Quebec in Ontario, reflecting Canada’s growing prominence in the evolving automobile landscape, marked by a shift from fossil fuels to cleaner, sustainable energy solutions, according to AutoBlog.

Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company.

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