From Garage to Glory: Crafting an Electric Supercar

Jeremy, the audacious car enthusiast behind the YouTube channel ‘Electric SuperCar,’ has finally achieved his long-standing dream after four strenuous years. He single-handedly transformed a K1 Attack kit car into an electric supercar powered by Tesla. This modern-day automotive pioneer has shown that with determination and a thirst for learning, the sky’s the limit.

Describing himself as a “passionate car builder with a flare for cutting edge technology,” Jeremy’s journey has not been without its trials. He bought the K1 Attack kit expecting a comprehensive set of instructions, only to find out that he had to figure everything out independently.

3 Year Build in 17 Minutes – Electric Supercar video

Jeremy says, “This was the first time I had done any riveting, any wiring, any soldering, any welding, or any painting.” Yet, he persevered, showcasing snippets of his arduous journey in his 188 videos.

Interestingly, Jeremy had to modify the car’s chassis to accommodate a Tesla subframe. The process was a significant challenge because it was his first time welding. Jeremy’s invention also required him to learn about batteries and their management systems, leading him to design and fabricate a battery box for his custom-built supercar.

Support also came from unexpected quarters. “Zach, from the channel ‘Jerry Rig Everything’, found me through YouTube. He has been my biggest celebrity supporter,” Jeremy disclosed.

When asked, “What is it?” Jeremy explained, “This is a garage-built supercar based on a highly modified space frame chassis and panels from a K1 Attack.”

The car is powered by a Tesla Performance Drive Unit with a whopping 600 horsepower. Furthermore, the vehicle boasts 12 battery modules from a Chrysler Pacifica, giving it a driving range of 125 miles.

Jeremy’s determination did not just stop at building the supercar but also reflected in his attempts at testing it. Despite limited traction and his first attempt at drag racing, Jeremy managed to achieve an impressive 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and a quarter-mile in 11.1 seconds.

Reflecting on the journey, Jeremy said, “The final result: I was over the top thrilled with how everything turned out. For a first build, I couldn’t be happier. My advice for anybody who wants to build a car: I would say, do it. Jump right in. There is no better way to get something done than just go do it.”

Having successfully navigated the electric supercar’s creation, Jeremy has set his sights on a new project involving a wrecked Porsche Cayman that will be turned into an electric vehicle.

His story continues, and his passion for cutting-edge technology and innovative car building promises more inspiring videos for his viewers.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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