Xpeng Targets Tesla with G6’s Smart Driving Tech

China’s electric vehicle manufacturer, Xpeng, is expecting a strong comeback in the second half of this year, following a slump in sales, as its latest model gets ready to challenge Tesla in both pricing and smart-driving tech. The company is already observing an uptick in orders for its freshly unveiled G6 electric crossover, according to President Brian Gu.

Gu shared on Wednesday that these promising figures could help Xpeng ramp up their monthly sales to 15,000 units in Q3, practically twice the units sold in June and May, and possibly surging beyond 20,000 units in Q4. This optimistic forecast comes after a period of declining sales and increased losses for EV startups like Xpeng and Nio, while competitors Tesla and BYD reported record Q2 deliveries.

The first half of the year reportedly saw Xpeng’s sales decline by 40%, but the company is set to start shipping its G6 compact crossover this month, a model that costs 20% less than Tesla’s top-selling Model Y. Xpeng debuted the G6 at the Shanghai auto show in April, as the first model constructed on its innovative technology architecture, enabling reductions in manufacturing costs.

Xpeng Targets Tesla With G6'S Smart Driving Tech

Another feature Xpeng is proud of is its advanced driver assistance system, XNGP, which offers drivers of models like the G6 assisted-driving tech comparable to Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) on urban roads in main cities. While Tesla introduced FSD four years ago, it is still not available in China, even amid demands from customers.

Gu commented on the G6, stating, “We always believe that smart-driving technology will become a very true differentiator for mobility going forward. The G6 debut is actually pointing to that and giving us confidence.”

The announcement of the G6 pricing last Thursday boosted Xpeng’s Hong Kong shares by over 20%. This underlines the growing enthusiasm for the next wave of smart, affordable electric vehicles in China.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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