Tesla Powers up with Google Ads

In a surprising turn of events, Tesla has ventured into the realm of online advertising. Long known for its aversion to traditional marketing methods, the company has initiated 18 advertisements on Google, an action that signifies a shift in strategy.

For years, , 's charismatic CEO, has been publicly against promotional endeavors for Tesla products. Yet, this stance has been challenged by numerous shareholders who have posited that advertising could aid in combating misconceptions about the brand.

These freshly rolled out ads aren't limited to Tesla's well-known electric vehicles. Tesla Energy products are also featured, expanding the promotional scope. Notably, the ads are designed to be uncomplicated and clear, with one boasting that the and have become the top-selling electric vehicles in the UK.

In the 2023 shareholders meeting, Musk opened up about dabbling in advertisements, remarking, “We'll try a little advertising and see how it goes.” He outlined a vision of creating ads that were informative, appealing, and aesthetically pleasing.

These early Google ads, while perhaps not entirely aligning with Musk's original vision, are seen as a promising start. Speculations abound that Musk's role at Twitter might have influenced this change in marketing approach, despite Musk himself stating, “I just agreed to it; I have fully formed a strategy.”

In May, Tesla released its first-ever ad, which offered insights into the company's marketing strategies and featured testimonials from Tesla drivers. The ad was warmly received, further signaling the potential success of Tesla's newfound foray into advertising.

The news was shared on Twitter by Yashu Sharma.

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