Tesla’s Power Move: Free Supercharging Sparks Sales

In a bid to shift Model 3 inventory ahead of the quarter’s end, Tesla is offering customers three months of free Supercharging. According to the company’s website, to snag the deal, buyers must take delivery of the Model 3 sedan by June 30 in the US and Canada.

This attractive proposition by Tesla is not just a move to bolster its quarterly delivery numbers but seems to make way for the much-anticipated Model 3 refresh, codenamed project “Highland“. Rumors have been swirling that CEO Elon Musk planned to unveil the update during his recent trip to China.

The free Supercharging deal comes hot on the heels of an announcement by the federal government. They have confirmed that all Model 3 trims now qualify for the full $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit. This change is significant since the base Model 3 Rear-wheel drive (RWD) previously received only half the credit.

Tesla'S Power Move: Free Supercharging Sparks Sales

But Tesla isn’t stopping at the Model 3. Buyers of the high-end Model S and Model X vehicles are also in for a treat. They’ll receive three years of free supercharging if delivery is made before June 30.

Tesla'S Power Move: Free Supercharging Sparks Sales

This enticing move follows Tesla’s recent success in securing two significant charging deals. These agreements could result in Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector becoming the default standard in the US.

Last week, General Motors (GM) disclosed plans to join forces with Tesla. Starting next year, GM vehicles will have access to the Supercharger Network via an adapter. By 2025, GM anticipates its EVs will come equipped with Tesla’s NACS connector for direct Supercharger access. Ford announced a similar partnership two weeks ago.

This flurry of positive news has sent Tesla’s stock soaring, adding a staggering $240 billion in market value over a short 13-session winning streak.

Haye Kesteloo
Haye Kesteloo

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